Prices - Domestic Cleaning Services

ServicePrice in CZK without VATNoteNote
Regular maintenance - cleaning
150 Kč/h 1 workermin 560 Kč/1 cleaningmin 1980 Kč/сleaning 4 times a month
General cleaning of the apartment or house
* Discounts for the weekend cleaning 5-10%
170 Kč/h 1 worker without cleaners190 Kč/h 1 worker with our cleaners Delivery in Prague min 200 Kč
Washing windows and frames170 Kč/h 1 workermin 560 Kč
Cleaning windows of a house, m2normal pollution from 14 Kč / m2remote places with frames 18 Kč / m2
Furniture for home, piece
*Coordination by the type of furniture
cleaning furniture from 200 Kč / piececleaning chairs 60 Kč/piecemin 600 Kč
150 Kč/h
150 - 200Kč/h
Cleaning after renovation 180 - 250 Kč/h 1 worker
Washing windows and facadeWindow cleaning using climbing equipment from 30 Kč/m2 - 1 worker The hourly rate for a trained person 350-600 Kč/h - 1 worker
Caring for the elderly and disabledRegularly 150 Kč/hOne-time 200 Kč/hIntermediary services 10000 Kč
Teachers for children and adults
*The final price is calculated in accordance with the level of the teachers.
Primary School150-200 Kč/hHigh School 150-200 Kč/hFor more information please call us.
Care for childrenRegularly 150-250 Kč/hOne-Time 200-300Kč/hIntermediary services 10000 Kč
* One-time payment for intermediation 10,000 Kč - if you want to employ a housekeeper personally.

Prices - Office cleaning

ServicePrice in CZK without VATServicePrice in CZK without VAT
Permanent office cleaningfrom 0,60 Kč/m² depending on the size and complexity windows including window sillsfrom 8,50 Kč/m² за 250m²
Winsows from 15 Kč/m² till 100m²Carpets (wet cleaning) from 9,50 Kč/m²
Carpets (vacuum cleaning)from 2,50 Kč/m² Cleaning floorsfrom 0,60 Kč/m²
Wash walls and the tilesfrom 9,50 Kč/m²Outlets and switchesfrom 9,50 Kč/pc
Doorsfrom 32,00 Kč/pcBatteriesfrom 35,00 Kč/pc
Upholstery (chairs, etc.)from 15,00 Kč/pc (wet cleaning method)Upholstery (chair) from 50,00 Kč/pc (wet cleaning method)
Sofasfrom 120,00 Kč/pc (wet cleaning method) Ceilings from 15,00 Kč/m²
Computer equipmentaccording to the the agreement and the amountThe hourly rate*from 135,00 Kč