Cleaning service after renovation

Cleaning service after renovation


Repair of an apartment or house is an important and troublesome. And so, the repair is completed apartment renovated and seemingly would end the trouble. But it is not so. We need to do more cleaning. How to do it so as not to spoil the new walls and ceilings?
How to completely clean the windows indelibly? These issues can be resolved by contacting the cleaning company.
In Prague, well-known company Riks Heart. Cleaning renovated apartments  for the employees of the company – it is a normal job. 
No need to worry about an updated room. Cleaning is performed with special cleaning products but do not react with the coating. Do not be affected any color or texture.

Specialists in their field know exactly: what needs to be cleaned, to get the maximum result and did not spoil. The service can be performed not only in homes or apartments. These specialists are ready to perform it in other areas, including: offices, warehouses, sports facilities, industrial buildings, etc.

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